The older I have become the more nostalgic I am about the past. Its amazing how all of our senses are engaged at the simple thought of a memory. One of my favorite memories is of 4th of July; I would anxiously anticipate the nights sky display of fireworks. It wouldn't have been complete without having my favorite ice-cold confections, which for me was the Red, White and Blue Firecracker Pops. I can smell the dry air, feel the warmth of happiness with my family, hear the bursts, and taste every single flavor.


Now as an adult and then as new parents, we soon realized that the majority of store bought foods have many artificial ingredients and preservatives.  And so the experimenting began...Getting Back to the Basics and the vintage times when food was crafted in the kitchen with real ingredients.


The outcome...Together as a family we create healthy alternatives without feeling guilty or even sick.

My family and I took on a fun healthy challenge and now have started to share our premium ice pops with those we meet. The memories we are creating while crafting the ice pops or setting up at catering events and food markets are amazing and we hope to inspire others to find the time to create warm memories with the ones they love.

Tasha Renee' 

Vintage Pops Owners